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Image that corresponds to ABCya!

Educational website that incorporates language arts and math skills along with beginning computer skills. Lessons and games are visually appealing and tailored to all levels and abilities in grades K-5. Excellent site for skills practice at school or at home.

Apps are available for the iPod, iPad, and certain smartphones.

Arcademic Skill Builders
Image that corresponds to Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders is a research-based and standards-aligned free website featuring educational math and language arts games that will engage, motivate and help students improve their academic skills. There are many interactive games to choose from and they're all pretty fun, have decent graphics/sound effects, and offer great practice to specific skills.

Books Should be Free
Image that corresponds to Books Should be Free

Books Should be Free (formally Audio Owl) makes the world's public domain audio books available for browsing in a visual and easily searchable way. You can search for a specific title, or use the genre list to visually scan through hundreds of titles. Books may be previewed directly on the site, or you may download them directly into iTunes, or as zipped mp3 files.

Catch the Science Bug
Image that corresponds to Catch the Science Bug

The educational goals of Catch the Science Bug are to increase science literacy and raise environmental consciousness by adhering to national standards and guidelines for content, to use different teaching methods for engaging all types of learners, and to encourage life-long learning by featuring scientists who model this behavior.

Cool Math Games
Image that corresponds to Cool Math Games

Cool Math is "designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics." This interactive site features a plethora of fun games, puzzles, calculators and lesson plans.

Image that corresponds to E-Learning

Organized both by grade level and subject areas. Includes interactive learning videos with practice within the video, perfect for the interactive white board. Each “course” lists the appropriate age level for the students. Geared for students in K-6. 

Eureka Math
Image that corresponds to Eureka Math

How can I help my child have positive experiences in learning math?  How do I approach homework with my child and my child’s teacher?  What is Eureka math?  Videos, tip sheets, resource pages, and more are available as a suite of tools that will help parents to help their child learn more.

Image that corresponds to Grammaropolis

Grammaropolis is a fun, interactive site that helps students learn about the parts of speech.

Invention at Play - DO Try This at Home!
Image that corresponds to Invention at Play - DO Try This at Home!

Invention at Play is a fantastic interactive website from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. When asked what inspired them to become inventors, many adults tell stories about playing as children. The Invention Playhouse takes this fact and offers up great activities to increase problem solving ability, visual thinking, collaboration and exploration.

Khan Academy
Image that corresponds to Khan Academy

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.

Learn Your Tables
Image that corresponds to Learn Your Tables

Learn Your Tables is a nice interactive site that allows students to practice their multiplication times tables. Learn Your Tables is ideal for introducing topics on an interactive whiteboard and for extension material on individual computers or in a lab.

My Storymaker
Image that corresponds to My Storymaker

Students can create their own digital stories. They can choose their characters, setting, and topic. Children have many opportunities for creativity, as they can change the setting and add details to their stories. Students can preview before they print and share their stories. 

Image that corresponds to NeoK12

NeoK12 is a fantastic collection of videos, arranged by subject, that have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. There are also quizzes, games and puzzles as well as a cool presentation creator that helps teachers or students create presentations within the site. Also cool is the How it Works section.

Reflex Math
Image that corresponds to Reflex Math
  1. Click on “Launch” in the upper-righthand corner.
  2. Enter “mheisserer” for username.
  3. Click on “Mr. Heisserer’s Grade 3”
  4. Choose your name and enter your password.

FREE app available for Apple and Android devices.
Image that corresponds to is a simple search site that returns rhyming words to whatever you enter in the search field. The rhyming words are divided into syllables for ease of use, and there is a list of photos of whichever word you search for. 

Scholastic Reading Club
Image that corresponds to Scholastic Reading Club

Order books online for your child or for your child’s classroom.

Science Bob
Image that corresponds to Science Bob

Science Bob is a fun, interactive site that has several different areas for kids to choose from. There are videos, experiments, science fair ideas and a research help link with many fantastic links to other sites. Don't forget to click on the "Whatever you do, DON'T CLICK HERE" button (or not).

Science With Me
Image that corresponds to Science With Me

Kids love hands-on projects, and Science With Me is chock-full of fun science projects. You'll also find science movies, songs, coloring sheets, worksheets and stories to help kids learn scientific principles and science in a fun way.

Sweet Search
Image that corresponds to Sweet Search

SweetSearch is a safe searching site for students. Most search engines search billions of websites and return tens of millions of results; some are from reliable Web sites, some are not. SweetSearch searches only 35,000 websites that have been evaluated and approved by a staff of Internet research experts at Dulcinea Media, and its librarian and teacher consultants.

Story Jumper
Image that corresponds to Story Jumper

Story Jumper is a wonderful site that allows children to create their very own books. You can create cover pages, add text, upload drawings or photos to illustrate your story, and you can use the Story Jumper clipart gallery, too. 

Virtual Piano
Image that corresponds to Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is a beautifully sounding piano that you play by typing on your keyboard. You can play many classical favorites by following the key-pattern available.

Image that corresponds to Wonderopolis

Created by the National Center for Family Literacy, Wonderopolis focuses on subjects of which children are curious. This immediately engages the child and encourages them to learn more. A video is included in each topic of information.

Xtra Math
Image that corresponds to Xtra Math
  1. Click on “Sign In” in the upper-righthand corner.
  2. Enter “” for email address.
  3. Enter first name and PIN.
  4. Click on “Sign In”

App available for Apple and Android devices.

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